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French CHIMNEY PARGER with 25 years of experience

Hervé Perron worked as a craftsman on historical monuments for 25 years. 

He has worked in some the finest residences in France and abroad, creating and restoring a large selection of fireplaces. 

His passion is breathing new life into homes, châteaux, and palaces and unveiling the true authenticity of their heritage. He strives for excellence because he is passionate about his work, which is why he constantly invests in research into new creations, techniques and materials. 

Hervé Perron

His creativity respects cultural cross-fertilisation. Constantly embracing unconventional projects, Hervé Perron's enduring objective is to achieve mastery and innovation. 

Self-taught and passionate about his craft, he actively participated in the AFNOR commission responsible for establishing standards for ethanol fireplaces. 

In 2014, he was rewarded with the Award of Merit for the best company in Savoie, France. 

His extensive skills and knowledge have naturally led him to create and restore exceptional fireplaces and flues. 

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