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Experts in fireplace design

How to unlock the full potential of your home and marry elegance with creativity! Exceptional Fireplace will design your fireplace to your specifications (by ours designers or yours). We aim to exceed your expectations by delivering a unique fireplace that will seamlessly integrate with your interior. 


Our fireplaces are crafted by our team in collaboration with a network of partners. We select the finest marble and stone. Our team includes skilled sculptors from the ?Compagnons du devoir? (crafts people's guild) with the ability to meet exceptional demands.   

The design is in the detailsThe design is in the detailsPaul Bennett

We can design and craft monumental metal fireplaces (brass, bronze, gold-plated). 

Our own workshop is also working with molten glass, enamelled earthenware and enamels on copper or gold.

Cladding can be sculpted digitally by our graphic designer or carried out manually. All these skills combined enable our company to meet exceptional request. 

We designed and created outsized fireplaces in Bahrain. We are the only company to have succeeded in creating natural convection fireplaces over there, with an air-conditioning at 20°C and an outside temperature of 48°C. 

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, while upholding the expertise and mastery of the fireplace builder's craft. 


Unleash your imagination and envision an fireplace that goes beyond the confines of standard models…


About us 

A clear creative process


Meeting up

 We meet and discuss about your project. Our primary focus is to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements and your wishes.


We conduct a comprehensive feasibility study and collaborate closely with our designers to present creative proposals. 


You approve one of our proposals and production gets underway.


Our artisans channel their extensive knowledge and skills into the construction of your fireplace.


Once the work is complete, we will commission your fireplace to make sure the everything is working properly.